August Message from Clara:

So here are my memories so far:
One month ago, I came to Kansas. In the first week we just drove around Topeka or down to Kansas City to show me the area. One week later, my host family and me went to New York and Syracuse! Syracuse is a beautiful city with a wonderful campus. It was very interesting to hear what I could study, but after I saw what I had to be capable of, I quickly forgot my Syracuse-dream. Two days  later we went to New York City. The big apple is just wonderful, with a lot of people and I definitely love this city!  I ate the best cheesecake in the world (Lindy's I guess).  Click on Read More!
One week later it was the time of the year - back to school. I was super nervous and anxious because I am not comfortable with new situations and a lot of people. The first day was literally horrible, thankfully I met my exchange family the weekend after back to school.
But as the second week began, I made it to the tennis team and I made some awesome new friends! This week we're finally going to have matches and I'm playing on the varsity team.
This is it so far!
Left to Right:  District 4710 Rotary Youth Exchange Students; Topeka High Cafeteria; Clara at Coney Islans.