Welcome to the Venture Rotarians!
We are a subgroup of The Downtown Topeka Rotary Club established for young professionals. It is designed for people who have a schedule that limits their flexibility for weekly meetings.  
We meet to discuss the needs of our community and how we can full fill them. We enjoy service projects and providing leadership opportunities.
  • Venture Rotarian is for people who like Rotary’s Service Above Self motto but whose lifestyles don’t permit them to easily attend regular Rotary meetings.
  • Instead, they connect more casually online or after-hours to discuss ways they can leverage Rotary’s impressive resources to improve their communities.
  • Venture Rotarians network with community leaders to devise, plan and execute meaningful service projects.
  • Venture Rotarians are expected to participate in at least two service projects each year and pay quarterly dues of $50.
  • Each Venture is linked with a traditional member who acts as their Rotary mentor for the first year.
  • Ventures are welcome to attend regular weekly meetings and all other Rotary activities but they only pay for meals when they come.
  • If you think Venture Rotarian might be the right fit for you, contact either Amanda Brown at amanda.brown@brewsterliving.org or Jessica Goubeaux at jessica.goubeaux@umb.com.
  • Rotary International's 1.2 million members work to support education and job training, provide clean water, combat hunger, improve health and sanitation, and eradicate polio.
Rotary.  It’s not just for lunch anymore.