Posted by Lee Morris on Oct 31, 2018
Our Club’s Sole-Mates program evolved this past week, offering Rotarians new experience and encouragement as we joined the South Club in a community service opportunity aimed at older students attending 501’s new Collegiate Prep’ Academy.  In 2 sessions we provided new dress shoes for almost 50 teenage students, helping them complete their uniforms (khaki pants and navy blazers).  To say these college bound students impressed us would be a distinct understatement.  “Polite, thoughtful, motivated, focused, and driven” – adjectives heard repeatedly as we assisted these 14-15 year olds in selecting what were for many, their first pair of specifically “dress” shoes, anticipating experiences like job interviews, academic presentations, etc.  We came away feeling encouraged and heartened by our interactions with these young adults, and proud that our Club is sponsoring and engaging in community service activities to support our young people.  I heartily encourage every member to take opportunity to join in the upcoming Sole-Mates events!