I have been interested and involved with Washburn for several years, both undergrad and law school. When I started in 1946, just after WW11, with lots of other G I Bill students, the school had a fine foundation a good history of ok finances and good conservative leadership. The student body grew rapidly. Prior to the war the school has an estimated enrollment maybe between 4 to 700, mainly traditional students. After graduating in 1951 and for some time did not have much contact with the school, but later started taking various courses.
 Some time in the interim, the school became a non-traditional type , for part-time and a community and junior college type school. The president seemed to change often and from my limited observation, had limited direction for several years.

Then Dr. Jerry Farley was hired a President. He had never headed a college, but fortunately for Washburn, the board hired him, and he has lead the school wonderfully well in all areas in the time he has been there, 11 or 12 years. It has been inspiring to see and watch the great changes and improvements in so many areas that he has instigated.

The school is so much improved since his arrival that unless a person observed the school from year to year and the improvements to the present, it would be difficult to imagine. Washburn is a fine University.

Wayne Probasco